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4/3 (mon) 「Ur食堂Performance~球体遊戯(Contact jaggling) / Ping Lee (dance) & ryotaro (sound) ~」 no charge, 投げ銭



球体遊戯(Contact jaggling)
Ping Lee (dance) & ryotaro (sound)

◇OPEN 19:00 / START 20:00
◇no charge ! カンパ制 1order

Contact juggling コンタクトジャグリングの可能性を求めて、日本、インド、中国を遊学。 そして中国は道教の聖地武当山で、武当功夫を修行。第十六代武当功夫伝人。 気、武術との融合、独自の見解でコンタクトジャグリングの完成に近づいている。

Ping Lee (dance)
As a freelance art worker. Ping(平) currently living in Beijing, China. After graduated in 2002 from Communication University of China for her Bachelor Degree on Sound Recording Engineering, Ping has worked in China Central TV Station as the sounding recorder between 2007 and 2011. Then she started to travel and learn yoga, belly dance, contemporary dance, ballet, Dunhan Technique, Afro – Brazilian, Modern Jazz Blues, Butoh, and traditional Indian dance in Germany, US, India, etc. While working as a freelance professional sound recorder, she has also performed as a dancer at “19th Orient Festival Europas” in Duisburg, “Tribal Fest 12:The Year of the Unicorn” in San Francisco, “Style: Paper Tiger Theater Studio” in Beijing, “This Variation” (Tino Sehgal) at UCCA in Beijing, “Right & Left ” ( Gu Jia Ni ) at US、Australia 、HongKong , etc. And,She will join the “right & I left” tour to perform in multiple cities in the United States in the coming June. In addition, she is also an event planner and organizer, she co-initiated and co-sponsored the “Encounter” art project with a contemporary dance director Yin Fang. Since 2013, they has been continuously organizing and participating performance and workshops about body. Ping as a photographer, held her own photography exhibition in 2014. She is also a certified yoga teacher since 2015. The transformation of her own experience, as well as those in depth multi-field attempt and experience, broadened and deepened her thoughts. She believes the body is a carrier, but not just a carrier. From physical exploration, her projects maintain social reflection, concern the relationship between individual and society.


エレクトロニクスを融合したアコーディオン弾き。96年からナスノミツル (アルタードステイツ)、三条とおる (EP-4)らの[elements]に加入後、数々のアングラの巨匠達との共演を経て近年、梅津和時らと共に中山ラビのツアーメンバーを務め、アルバム[ My Back Pages ]をリリース。’12年よりFRYING DUTCHMANのレコーディングに参加した事をきっかけに、ツアーに同行。またミュージシャンだけでなくダンサー、パフォーマー等との共演を展開。ヨーロッパを中心に海外でのライヴ活動も精力的に行い、’15年にはHi Seoul Festival に出演。’10, ’11年と、coba主催のイヴェントに参加。’09年から京都木屋町UrBANGUILDのブッキング担当。
photo by Kazuo Yamashita-clip-

ryotaro is a Kyoto based accordionist, composer and performer. He uses MIDIaccordion;
intermixing accordion, synthesizer and programmed sounds to create
compositions. He graduated in ’96 from Kyoto Seika University. Soon afterwards he
formed the band “elements” with Mitsuru Nasuno, Toru Sanjyo and Yung Tsubotaj
(EP-4). He has collaborated and improvised with various dancers, actors and
painters. In 2008, ryotaro released his 1st solo album “Jelly, nico & I”. Since 2010,
he started working as a booking manager of an art space in Kyoto called
UrBANGUILD ( . Here he
encountered and worked with different artists in the region such as Tenko Ima
(Butoh dancer), Akito Sengoku (Time Paintaing). In 2015, ryotaro toured with Keiko
Yamaguchi in France; Bordeaux, Orelean, Paris and Stroud in England and
performed a dance piece “Emballage”.



19:00 〜22:00